Eisenhower, VA Real Estate

The Eisenhower Avenue community occupies a tiny sliver of land south of Taylor Run. In the 18th century, the eastern part of Eisenhower Avenue was the location of the Village of Cameron, which included a gristmill. The west end of the area was developed later as a suburb of sorts.

The arrival of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad in the 1850's spurred industrial activity in the area and the Eisenhower Avenue community prospered. It seems that Eisenhower Avenue has an inextricable relationship with rail: In the 1980's the Eisenhower Avenue Metro station was built as an extension to the Yellow Line.

Quality of Life:

Eisenhower Avenue is a mixed-use community that seeks to strike a balance between living and working. Townhouses, apartments and condominiums define the community’s urban milieu. Eisenhower Avenue is ideal for pedestrian traffic and for commuters looking to rid themselves of their vehicle. There are a number of restaurants located at Hoffman Town Center. For those looking to venture out, head west to Cameron Run Regional Park. Old Town is always an option as are the destinations beyond. With easy access to the Eisenhower Avenue Metro, the nation’s capital is yours to explore.

Getting Around:

Without a doubt, the easiest way to access the Eisenhower Avenue community is by metro (Yellow Line). Duke Street is located to the north. I-495 is just to the south.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 15 miles.
Washington-Dulles International Airport:  < 30 miles.
Baltimore-Washington International Airport:  < 45 miles.



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